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  • Have a clear legal description of your property
  • Have the boundary lines and corners of the property marked
  • Avoid boundary disputes.   Remember:  "Good fences make good neighbors"
  • Have proper tax assessment of the property
  • Have a map or plat of the survey showing legal description, flood plain,  improvements, encroachments, utility easements, building lines and most importantly a date of when it was surveyed.

We are here to serve you and will complete the project in the timeline specified by you.  A good rule of thumb is to allow 2-3 weeks (weather permitting on business days) to complete your survey; however, we will expedite any order upon request.  Please give us a call and let us know how fast you need it. 

All surveyors are not equal in ability... just as there are good lawyers and bad lawyers....good doctors and bad doctors....there are good surveyors and bad surveyors.  While no one wishes to waste money, selecting a surveyor based on a cheap price or his reputation for being cheap is not a wise choice for the thoughtful buyer to consider.  If possible, a visit to the Surveyor's office will give you a good idea whether he has invested in a professional practice or whether he practices from his "kitchen table".  You can investigate a surveyor's qualifications by inquiring among other professionals in the industry, e.g. bankers, mortgage companies, title companies and realtors.  You can also inquire at the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying concerning "complaints" or other matters of which they are aware.  

All types of surveys are unique in their requirements and vary widely in the amount of time and resources required to perform them.  Consequently, there is no "unit price" which is meaningful. We work primarily from estimates using our Schedule of Rates for various skills and an estimate of the time to complete the job.  A boundary survey can include courthouse research, title abstracting, field-work, technical computations, and drafting. Based on your description of the job to be performed and your answers to a few pertinent questions, we can usually provide you with an estimate of cost in a few minutes on the telephone, or email the information to

We currently accept cash, check, money order and/or credit cards - Visa, MasterCard and Discover - for services rendered. 

Any documents that you have regarding the ownership of the land will expedite the process.  This includes a deed, title insurance policy or commitment, a previous survey, or a subdivision map.  If you do not have any of these documents, we may proceed without them; however, more research time will be needed to proceed and complete your order.  If you are aware of any property corner monuments, let the surveyor know of their existence and placement.  A clear piece of land is easier to survey and less expensive than wooded/brushy land.  If at all possible, have the fence lines cleared and have gates unlocked and animals tied up or penned on the day the survey crew is to come out.  This will save unnecessary trips and added costs to the job.

A land survey can only be certified by a professional who is licensed to practice in the state where the survey is conducted.  Jerry and Bridget Brundrett are licensed to perform duties within the entire state of Texas. 

A replat is required when a property is being partitioned from how it was originally replatted.  For instance, if you own an acreage tract or an existing platted lot and want to divide the property for sale into one or more lots, you would need to replat the property.

Replatting requirements vary between counties and other political jurisdictions.  Please check with your local city and/or county commissioner before proceeding with the replatting process.  Rules and requirements change frequently.

All Griffith and Brundrett surveys are copyrighted; therefore, we will not release copies of old surveys for new closings.  We can only guarantee the accuracy of a survey for the date the survey was performed and for the parties listed on the original survey.  Persons providing copies of old surveys could be liable for the copyright violation as well as, be liable for any actions taken by a potential buyer if there are inaccuracies not disclosed on the original survey. 

Contact us and let us know what you are looking to have done. We can help you identify your survey needs!

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