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This form needs to be completed for all services (i.e., lot surveys, elevation certificates, tree surveys, subdivision staking, etc.) other than replatting. Please complete the form in its entirety.

For Platted Subdivisions, Lot/Block and Subdivision name will be sufficient for the Legal Description. For Acreage tracts, please include the Deed, Metes and Bounds description, and/or Field Notes description.

If requesting a survey that is being closed at a Title Company, please include the Schedules A&B from your Title Commitment. As a courtesy, our office will request this form if the Title Company information is completed on the Order Request Form.

Please contact us before you start the replatting process. This form needs to be completed in its entirety; as well as, submission of the required certificates as stated on the form.

Rules and replatting requirements vary between Cities and Counties, please check with your appropriate city/county official prior to contacting our office.

The completed form can be emailed to, faxed to (361) 729-7933, or mailed to P.O. Box 2322, Rockport, Texas 78381-2322.

This quote request form will help us understand your requirements better. The information provided will enable us to create a comprehensive and tailored survey solution that best suits your objectives and budget.

This form collects essential details for issuing an accurate Proposed Finished Floor Certificate, including project information, proposed floor elevation, and purpose. We assure you of strict data privacy and prompt processing of your request.